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MY LOVELY BINNIE #1178 อีก 446 วัน..You've got message...From Hyun Bin{แตกประเด็นจาก A11070558} ติดต่อทีมงาน

Hyun Bin's message - August 2011

Wonder if everybody is doing fine in summer?

In this August, I truly understand how it felt after sweating a lot, i learnt how to treasure it completely.

It’s really lucky.

In real life, even when the hottest summer (the summer that made people breathless) has arrived,

at least there is the shadow of the tree (that you may stay cool for a while)

you are the shadow of the tree that I can stay cool and take a rest

elegant and shinning items looked good

sometimes I dreamt to become the shadow of the tree, to live and exist in the world.

I hope you are the one that I treasure a lot, you will hold each others’ hands, encouraging each other, greet each other.

I will rely on this strength to become a beautiful actor, in the far future (hint : takes a long period of time)

To all family members (hint : Bin called his fans = family members!!),

Wishing you all have a cool August

จากคุณ : honeybinnie
เขียนเมื่อ : 16 ก.ย. 54 19:38:26

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