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Senses are the physiological methods of perception. Our nervous system has a specific sensory system, this means we have an organ dedicated to each sense.
The traditional five senses are sight, hearing. touch, smell and taste attributed to Aristotle, an ancient greek philosopher. We, all, are consider to have the five senses.
Additional recognized and categorised senses are now to be add to the five senses we have. But this is another great and long story.


or vision is the ability to see. The interpretation of an image will come with the perception of colours and brightness.
The inability to see is called BLINDNESS.

or audition is the sense of sound preception. Sound is vibrations traveling through the air percived by our auditive instruments, the ears.
The inability to hear is called DEAFNESS.

or gustation is one of the two "chemical" senses. This involve at least four types of taste that "buds" on our tongue detect.
They are sweet, salt, sour, and bitter.
A fifth receptor called UMAMI confirmed in 2000 detect taste such as monosodium glutamate or MSG.
The inabilty to taste is called AGEUSIA.
Note that the taste and flavour are not the same.

or olfaction is the other "chemical" sense. Here we have hundreds of olfactory receptors dedicate to a particular odour molecule.
Odour molecule float and travel in the air to excite those recptors.
The inablity to smell is called ANOSMIA.

a perception resulting from variation of pressure is everywhere in our body. The sense of touch is feel from the tips of our fingers to the tip of our tongue.
The inability to feel anything touched is called ANESTHESIA.

I feel it is important to dedicate a small definition to the senses that drives our everyday's life.
They are used every day, every hour, every minut, every moment.
And most of all we use THEM ALL in the same moment during a degustation,.
now combine with the convivial company of good friends and good wines it becomes a memorable moment in all our senses.

Bon appetit!

oups! sorry I almost forget there is another activity that requires the use of ALL our senses in the same time ... I let you guess ....

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