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(1) Patients recover more quickly from surgery when tapes with hypnotic suggestion are played to them on the operating table, doctors at St Thomas's hospital,London have found. While under anesthetic, they were told: "You will not feel sick" "You will not have any pain" Those given such suggestions had fewer complications than others after surgery and left hospital sooner.

(2) The experiment was set up at St Thomas's after doctors found patients could sometimes recall things said during operations. In a study at another hospital, many patients who were told during an operation that they  should touch their ears at a later interview with a doctor did so.

(3) The experiment at St Thomas's was conducted on 19 women having a hysterectomy operation. The women who had consented to the experiment, were played a 12-minute recording repeated six times. Most of the tape gave details of the normal procedures following the operaton and how to cope with them. It said, for example: "How quickly you recover from your operation depends upon you-the more you relax, the more comfortable you will be" This was followed by two minutes of directly telling the patients she would feel well after the operation. Then came a minute of third-person suggestion- for example: "The operation seems to be going very well and the operation is fine"

(4) A control group of patients was played blank tapes. Patients who received the suggestions were discharged from hospital 1.3 days earlier on average. If this could be achieved as a routine, the health service could save a millions of pounds a year. Nurses rated the patients, and almost all thoses who had been given suggestions did better than expected. They suffered from less fever and had few stomach and bowel disturbances, which are common following an abdominal operation.

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