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    อ่านเจอมา เกี่ยวกับ B1

    Thiamine (Vitamin B1):
    B1 is produced in the foliage of plants and transported down to the root system where it has an effect on root growth and development. In tissue culture and rooting preparations, B1 helps to stimulate the growth of roots on new plants but this is best used in combination with rooting hormones. B1 can assist at any time in a plant's life with root regeneration where the root system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogens such as pythium, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, high fruit loading etc but only if the foliage of the plant is unable to produce sufficient supplies for this purpose. Use of B1 is seen as a 'back up' or 'insurance policy' as it is difficult to determine if a plant which has come under stress is capable of producing sufficient B1 to send down to the root system to assist in cell development. Use of Vitamin B1 in plants is the same as in humans - it is most useful where a deficiency exists for some reason. B1 is best applied as a seed soak to speed up germination (root growth), or as a foliar spray.

    B1 is an organic compound and as such is rapidly broken down by microbes in the nutrient solution (they love to eat carbon based compounds), adding high amounts of B1 may ensure sufficient thiamine stays in the nutrient for a few hours for some plant uptake, but generally microbes will break this down rapidly as well. FHD


    ไปอ่านเจอมา ก็เห็นว่าหน้าสนใจดี ก้เลย เอามาฝาก

    ปล ** จากที่ผมได้ลองไช้ Thiamine (Vitamin B1) โดย ไม่ไช้ NAA หรือ ฮอโมนเร่งรากตัวอื่นๆร่วมด้วยเลย กับกล้วยไม้ ก็ทำไห้รากโตดีขึ้น เหมือนกันอะ

    จากคุณ : Angel.. - [ 8 มี.ค. 48 02:51:40 ]


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